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14 March 2006
Another fine mess
Marcus over at Little Green Soccer Balls is up early this morning. I wonder if he shit the bed? I sort of have visions of him tucked up in his jim-jams, little Teddy cuddled to his breast. He feels a spasm in his tummy - it's a fart! He lets rip and giggles to Teddie. In his mind Teddie giggles back. Then he feels another spasm - so he lets rip again! Oops, big mistake. Yes, well, you can tell that I am the father of young sons I suppose.

Anyway, all nice and clean, with Teddy still by his side, he has booted up the computer and, well, dropped some more shit. He offers us the sight of Oliver Kamm's article in The Guardian. Ollie wants us to believe that invading Iraq was a good idea; probably in the same way that young Marcus thought that letting rip was a good idea. It wasn't, Ollie, believe me it wasn't.

Ollie, it's another fine mess, but this time you can't blame Stan. You got yourself into this one. Trying post-facto justification for a lost war is not going to work. No bugger is listening to you, Ollie, we all all too busy mocking you.

When this war is finally over, NewLab will vanish as National Labour did before it. You and people like you were the cheerleaders for the aggression that led to defeat and you will be jeered by the left for the former and the right for the latter. Get used to it: it means nobody will take you seriously again. How can they? Many of the loudest jeers will come from people who have their arses hanging hanging in the wind! They have to cover those arses and hope people will forget that they were warmongers once as well. They will do it by joining in the mockery of those tossers who still seek to justify the unjustifiable.

Now then, Ollie, I have two slices of stale bread and some rancid butter. The filling is a large turd. Here is your shit sarnie. Bite down hard and get used to eating this delicacy.

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