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27 March 2006
Americans massacre more civilians in Iraq
More reports are emerging of massacres in Iraq carried out by imperialist forces. The first concerns an atrocity in Haditha last November when the Americans slaughtered 23 civilians, and the second is in the Abu Siga area where they butchered 11. The latter death toll ranged from a 75 year old to a 6 month old baby.

It is rare for the perpetrators of these war crimes to be prosecuted and, when they are, the accused are either freed, or given a light sentence, and there is little evidence to suggest that anything will be different in these new incidents. Furthermore, atrocities like this have been reported ever since the war against Iraq began, so there is nothing that is actually new about the latest batch.

What is new is that the Americans seem to be using actions like this as retaliation for nationalist attacks on their troops. Both incidents occurred immediately after Iraqi forces launched roadside bomb attacks on occupation patrols, and the Americans then charged off and killed the first Iraqis that they could find. One incident could suggest a brutal, but unofficial, act of retaliation. However, the two together suggest a deliberate policy of terrorising the civilian population into submission.

When imperialism gets to this stage it usually means that they know that they have lost the war. Terror only breeds more fighters, but that is a problem for the future. If the soldiers do not plan to be around in the future, then it is a reasonable strategy for those imperialist troops to follow.

Probably the only good news to come out of Iraq these days is that we are clearly in the end game. The occupiers are hanging on and waiting for the order to evacuate. Nobody even pretends to care anymore about hearts and minds, because they are just trying to stay alive in a country that hates them.

The imperial slaughter doesn't end worldwide until the U.S. regime is broken wide open at home. And we're working on that.

Up to 2.000.000 people marched in Los Angeles the other day. It was a petit-bourgeois show of force -- nothing much radical about it; but nonetheless it demonstrates that a huge majority of the U.S. population -- citizen or otherwise -- is truly not onside for the imperial project. Low Intensity Imperialism can only get you so far; and look what happens when you up the ante...

28 March 2006 at 06:35  

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