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23 March 2006
American casualties mount
The American death rate in Iraq has been falling over recent weeks. If I were a warmonger I might be tempted to gloat at this and put it forward as evidence that the rag-heads were finally learning to bow low and spread 'em for the almighty USA - not forgetting the little poodle that comes yapping along as well.

Thankfully I'm not a `monger, but that's not the point: the casualty figures are dropping, aren't they?

Actually, they are not. Only the death toll has dropped; the overall casualty rate has climbed dramatically during the course of this year. Put another way, we are talking about the difference between dead dogs and winged dogs.

The number of American soldiers who have been so seriously wounded that they are unable to return to duty is now running at over seven per day. Why they are being wounded and not killed is anyone's guess. It could be that they are skulking in their bases, or that their armour has improved.

One thing is obvious, or should be to anyone who is not blind to reality: the inter-communal violence that is shaking Iraq has not damaged the nationalist's ability to wage war against the main enemy, which is the USA. If fighting a civil war had degraded the nationalists' abilities, then we wouild expect these casualty figures to be falling. Instead the reverse is true.

Let's put it in simple English: the Iraqi guerrillas are able to fight both the Americans and the Americans' puppets.

Now that takes bottle. The kind of bottle that wins wars.

The Yanquis have been lying about their deathtoll since Day One of the Invasion. Like they lie about everything else.

Who knows how many are actually dead? Personally, I believe it's closer to double the "official" number; but that's only my own speculation, based on knowing that those who die en-route to Wiesbaden aren't counted as casualties; those who fatally drive their hummers into palm trees and overturn them in canals; get squashed by tanx, etc., etc... and assuming just plain, old number-fudging c/o the Friendly Fascist beancounters.

And for that matter: I wonder how many officers have been 'fragged' too? Where's that statistic at..?

24 March 2006 at 04:49  

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