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20 February 2006
Why the smoking ban might be a good thing.
John Mortimer has an acerbic article in the Daily Telegraph that sets out the logical case against a smoking ban. It is both witty and informative, and makes the point that there is something very rum about a government objecting to smokey pubs and at the same time sending people off to die at the behest of a foreign government.

I don't think that it is controversial to say that the people who do not smoke are largely middle class and the ones who do are basically working class. Now, I know that part of the argument put forward in favour of a ban is to protect workers in pubs and such places, but I don't accept that line at all. If the anti-smoking brigade were serious about workers' rights they would be campaigning as well for stronger unions and a hike to the minimum wage. I shall not hold my breath waiting for them to do that.

What this is about is power: it is about the middle class filth demonstrating its power over the working class. The only reason why these creatures can get away with this is due to the fact that NewLab exists and the unions have been emasculated. If we still had a party speaking for us in Parliament, if the middle classes still shit their loads at the mention of the unions, then none of this would be happening.

Why do I think that it might be a good thing? Largely because it is one issue that will hit the working man on a daily basis and remind him just who is out to screw him. It won't lead to a new party being formed to represent the working class - it is not that type of issue - but it might just lead to a further erosion of the NewLab vote. Then, finally, we can take back our party and start the long, long task of rebuilding it: and creating policies with revenge in mind.



You don't want to reform Labour: you want to obliterate it.

What the british working-class requires is a new, mass workers' Party (no, not Respect!)

21 February 2006 at 22:59  

Yeah, but we are not going to get one unless it has union support. That is why all the other attempts over the years to found an alternative to Labour have failed.

Would it not make more sense to take the party that we already have, remove the Blairites, and use that as the vehicle?

Why bust a gut?

21 February 2006 at 23:43  

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