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22 February 2006

(This is the money angel. Send it
to six of your closests friends and
you will be rich in four days. This
is not a joke. If you delete it, then
you lose the blessing. . . Believe)

Back in December I posted an essay on primitive peoples and their primitive beliefs. I drew a comparison between Popery as practised in Latin-America and Mohamadism. Basically, I wanted to show the hand-shandyists for war, who just love attacking Islam, that Christianity has its fair share of knuckle-dragging head-the-balls as well. You just don't see them in England, thanks to the secular nature of its Anglican culture.

Well, you bloody well get them here, and as evidence I offer the above load of old wank that recently arrived in my inbox. Two things are hilarious about this nonsense. The first is that it was a chain-mailing and the numbers of people who had received it and then passed it along amazed me. The second thing is that I assumed that the person who sent it to me was letting me into a joke that she was playing on her more gullible compatriots. Alas no, and she is now seriously cheesed off that I should have thought such a thing.

Now, if reasonably literate people who use the computer and the internet can believe in this stupidity, can you imagine what the knuckle-dragging bulk of the population are like? You can? Good - so it's all about primitivism, isn't it? And it is not resticted to the silly sods who stick their arses in the air five times a day. Rosary-rattlers are infected as well.

This is why you have to be a marxist, Mancunian.

Being a marxist means that you're able to simultaneously shake your head at the ignorance of the masses -- but at the same time understand that they are the hope. At least most of them.

But you're doing the right thing, breaking the chain.
Too bad you're going to Hell tho'.

24 February 2006 at 05:32  

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