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01 February 2006
Monger of the month: January
Given that updating the blog was difficult in January, I expected that this cherished award would have to be suspended owing to a lack of idiots. However reading through the comments I found one candidate who just about meets all the requirements. Ladies and gentlement, I give you The List Administrator, who made a rather sweet off-the-wall comment about this posting.

For the record, TLA, I'm neither a Communist nor a fan of Greenpeace - and neither is Brian Haw come to that. He comes over as an outraged individual who feels ashamed that his country is tied in with that shithole of a place that sits like a giant turd on the other side of the Atlantic.

Every month this blog will award due recognition to the animal, vegetable or mineral who has made the most asinine, stupid and/or off-the-wall comment or comments. Nationality is not important, but anyone who signs themself as anonymous will not be included. The publisher-editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The guy is obviously an idiot.

One thing about a United States full of these types: they're hitting that brick wall, real soon, at about 200 miles/hour.
And won't they be surprised.

3 February 2006 at 08:17  

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