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02 February 2006
Mark Oaten
What do Charlie Kennedy and Mark Oaten have in common? Well, they both like to get shit-faced.

The Oaten story broke on the 22nd January, but the News of the Screws wouldn't tell us what Mark Oaten actually did with his rent boys that was so "vile" and "disgusting". Now we know: he liked to eat their shit.

Cheers: Popbitch.com

Update, 4.15pm:

I went for breakfast soon after posting the above. However, the thought of Oaten and his shitty activities rather put me off. I have eaten nothing all day...

Tony, the last of the London Lib-Dems, has now reported that he had the idea of "resurrecting Simon "the Straight Choice" Hughes' 1981 campaign slogan against obvious bum-bandit Tatchell" might put him in with a chance of winning a council seat in May. Alas, it has emerged that Hughes is a poof as well. His e-mail went on to say that "the straight choice who takes no shit" may work instead. The Exile is dubious about that idea.

We at the Exile wish him well, but do advise him to keep his normal arse to the wall whenever any of his fellow Lib-Dems are around. We also suggest he joins a party with more chances of success: The Monster Raving Loonies seem to be in with more chance than the Homo-Shiteaters.

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