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15 February 2006
Latest abuse scandal in Iraq.
The latest allegations of abuse in Iraq by the occupation forces should come as no surprise. It is not that these things happen in war, they do, but that is not the point. The point is that these things happen in imperialist wars, and that is why the left has a long tradition of opposition to imperialism's adventures.

When soldiers are turned loose on the locals it encourages them to think that they are superior to those locals. Furthermore, and this is the important bit, it helps encourage the notion that there is a convergence of interests between them, the ordinary soldiers, the class that sent them to war in the first place, and the middle class filth who supports that class. If we are all Brits together, all kicking the towel-heads around, then we can paper over the fact that the enemy is at home. This, more than anything else, has always been at the root of socialism's objection to imperialism. One war at a time, people, one war at a time.

Probably the only good thing to come out of this business is that yet another nail has been driven into imperialism's coffin. Throughout Arabia this footage is being shown and reshown. Newspapers are running angry editorials and printing stills from the video. The pressure on ordinary Iraqis to end the occupation can be expected to grow. The end of occupation means the discrediting of the people who ordered the war in the first place.

Update at 1.00am:

I see that some wazzock has the latest polling date which shows that a majority of Iraqis think that getting rid of Saddam Hussein was worth it. The point being? There is no point, because the issue for socialists is neither Iraq not the type of government that Iraq has. The issue is that we have a chance, albeit a small one, to see our enemy discredited by a lost war. The enemy, as always, is at home. How many times must this be repeated before fools like this either accept it, or stop calling themselves bloody socialists?

Update at 12.45pm, 23-2-06:

This is just to welcome 'mongers from Harry's Place who have been brought here by a reader's comment. They are cordially invited to remark on how they think the cakewalk is coming along?

The thing about this video -- I saw it on arab TV thru Mosaic -- is it clearly demonstrates the problem with military occupations: that the troops invariably end up being the police. And acting as such toward the target population. So tack onto this crime the ongoing crime of police in class society -- because this is how the police operate every single fucking day: whether the suburbanites are paying attention, or aren't being manipulated into hysterics by these same brute forces, or care, or not.

This ugliness brought on by naked power and unaccountability is the reason why states have had to formulate international treaties on military conduct -- and why the police function of the military was broken away into a "civilian" force -- which could do the dirty daily deeds, without ensnaring the forces of the state and nationalism at the same time in the resulting public ill will. This strategy worked well in the ascending, progressive phase of the capitalist world order; not so well in its present declining, decadent phase, when the rest of the world has caught up and become wise to their style and their game...

Well, we live in decadent times; and naked, raw power is the only thing which matters to the present ruling-class in its present mad scramble to control what's not already under their thumb -- except that these pesky rogue elements keep videoing them in action and ratting them out. No wonder state forces, or their vigilante proxies, go out of their way to murder people with video cameras. But this newfound people's freedom is nothing a few more S11-type attrocities committed by state forces can't take care of in the resultant hysterical panic...

And so, since this decaying capitalist order has not only ripped up the Magna Carta -- implicitly reverting to medieval roman law, with its inquisitional methods of confession by torture (goes so well with religion); but also the Treaty of Westphalia -- which ended the 30 Year's War, brought an end to the religious wars, and ensured the international legal principle of state sovereignty -- we can expect an ongoing consolidation of raw physical power under the control of the world's ruling oligarchy to Nazi-esque extreme. Which will mean the complete militarization of the police; its merging with a police-state military (even moreso than at present); and a certain militarization of all society as we enter into the "gangrene" stage of capitalist putrescence and endless, total war, 1984-style, in advance of whatever replaces it -- hopefully being us, and not those mutant cockroaches...

15 February 2006 at 20:55  

You're honest I suppose. Not many people actually admit that they don't give a fuck about the Iraqi people, and only care about seeing the US and the UK discredited. I regard you as moral slime, but at least you don't try and hide behind the flag of socialism like so many Stoppers.

16 February 2006 at 12:33  

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