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08 February 2006
America (indirectly) funding Iraqi resistence
If true, this is a good one: the Americans spend millions of dollars on rebuilding Iraq's oil infrastructure, and the insurgents increasingly control the output.

According to this report, the resistence may even have taken over some senior management positions, thus to ease the flow of funds into their accounts.

Is there anyone in the UK who seriously doubts that imperialism has lost this one?

The UN, the US and allies have been funding the PLO with humanitarian aid for decades. How much of that money has gone to provide relief for Palestinians? Not much. Looks like the PLo spends tha money on guns, not butter!

14 February 2006 at 13:20  

No -- they spent it on fast cars, maybe fast women, and luxurious villas, to name some of the more obvious. Classic comprador, client-state "elite", post-colonial behavior.

Fact of the matter is, fella: the PLO & al-Fatah were turfed out of office because of their corruption and toadying to the israelis and the Yanquis -- which they engaged in, against the interests of the palestinian people, precisely so's that this cash would continue to flow into their grubby little corrupt pockets. Some of these people are simply gangsters and hitmen for the israelis. And I hope the new Hamas regime goes after them and puts them up against the wall for their treason. As, apparently, do a lot of palestinians.

If the PLO had actually spent the money on guns -- a moot point, because then there would never have been the money; and certainly part of the imperialist calculation was to actually corrupt the PLO this very way in order to weaken and discredit it -- then you could be assured that Hamas would never have won such a "surprising" (i.e. not to some of us) upset landslide victory.

16 February 2006 at 22:11  

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