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09 January 2006
Why I hate British Airways
Once upon a time each passenger aircraft came with two classes: first and second. In a 747 the first class section was basically the hump at the front; second class was everything else. That was fine as the second class section was reasonably comfortable.

About twenty years ago a business class was added. God knows why, but it was. Still it did not effect what by then had become the third class, and there was still plenty of space to move around in.

Now, British Airways has divided up the third class section and created a fourth class right at the back of the aircraft. The seats are uncomfortable and don't come with much legroom. They call their new fourth class the economy section, but it reminds me of the old workmens' carriage on British trains. To the best of my knowledge, BA is the only airline to have done this.

All the more reason to wonder when this shitty organisation is going to be taken back into public ownership and run as Britain's flag carrier should be run. Along with the trains, the gas, the electricity and everything else that our enemies stole from us and gave away to their friends, that is.

Well, I'm back in Britain - in London to be exact. I don't have the internet at the place where I am staying, but internet cafes have been a blogsaver up to now. So, come to think of it, have the internet machines that you find at railway stations and the like. I am also seriously impressed with the telephone boxes that have been converted to internet points. You just slap a quid in the machine and off you go! In Mexico we have internet cafes on almost every street corner, and they have the advantage of coming complete with a pretty girl to bring the punter his coffee and change the ash-tray once it gets full. Here in London I have yet to find an internet cafe that gives this level of service, and they are damned expensive to boot, so standing on a street corner in a converted telephone box has it advantages, I suppose. The only problem is that I am freezing my bollocks off. Still, at least I can smoke in peace.

No kidding. I can see that. I'm watching the video from one of those 1.060.305.286 CCTV police state cameras right outside the Tardis you're standing in. When I zoom in I can almost see what you're typing... But then -- I don't really have to, now do I?

All hail that legendary British state efficiency! Except when it comes to public services. Frankly, I think I'd've preferred taking my chances with the sullen staff of a Soviet-era Moscow hotel. Or the KGB.

8 January 2006 at 22:33  

One occasion I went to Frankfurt on Lufthansa, which was great - service with a smile, free wine, nice seat. Went back to the UK with British Airways. Boy was there a difference? I vowed never to fly with BA ever again and haven't. Of course, tourist flights are all 4th class or worse these days. More like cattle class! I am a woman of slight build and the seats and legroom are insufficient to the point of causing real, lasting discomfort.

10 January 2006 at 18:57  

Customer service in London?? Are you crazy? Don't go to Camden for the internet cafe's which is what I did on my last trip home. Bah.

11 January 2006 at 18:15  

I could write the same thing about all US carriers...

And those that travel! To quote Basil Fawlty - 'Have you seen the people in Room 12 - they've never sat on chairs before'

That's about how I feel with the riff-raff I sit next two every week when I fly.

The lady isat next to on Monday smelled like Land Fill...I had to take that hand sanitizing stuff and put in and under my nostrils like Embalmer's Wax!


12 January 2006 at 02:54  

I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up. By the way, I was in London a year ago and found an Internet Cafe up in Kings Cross, two blocks from the station by the Comfort Inn. They didn't bring you food or ashtrays, but the price was low and the connections were lightning fast.

23 January 2006 at 15:52  

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