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12 January 2006
Parliament Square
To Parliament Square to look at Brian Haw's protest. This is the bloke who has lived rough outside Parliament since 2001 in protest at the regime's attitude towards Iraq. Once the war against that country began, Brian became a focus for popular discontent, so much so that the government introduced a special law with the intention of getting rid of him. Alas they ballsed up the drafting and he is still there.
Of course, Sod's Law dictated that he wasn't around when I got there - he was off at Bow Street Magistrates' Court, giving support to some demonstrators who were being prosecuted, but I spoke to three of his supporters who were looking after the site.
I asked them why opposition to the war was not as vocal as the opposition to the war against Vietnam had been. The reply was basically that people today are tied up with work in a way that was not the case thirty years ago. On that sad and depressing note I left them, but promised to return next week with my camera.
I am not in London at the moment, so updating this blog is going to be difficuelt for the remainder of this week. I hope to have something new next week, when I am back in London.

I don't agree that opposition to the Iraq war hasn't been as vocal as that to Vietnam. The demonstrations have been orders of magnitude larger and built up far more quickly than the Vietnam issue. And the crisis opposition to the war has caused for Blair is far deeper than any damage Wilson suffered over Vietnam.

Also, if political militancy were determined by how much time off work we get, the trade union movement would never have got off the ground in the 1800s...

12 January 2006 at 16:57  

I think what's being alluded-to here is that capitalism is in such deep decay -- and such a more obvious threat to us all -- the state & its forces, in their blind arrogance, are even more immune to any challenges which are merely symbolic. Most systems and empires appear to have been in this state of denial before their collapse.

So this isn't a sign of our weakness (per se); it's a sign of the polarization of society: the idiot fascist forces of "Law & Order" (i.e. the moron supporters of the Rich) -- vs. all the rest of us. A lot of people on our side, however, are still "fighting the last war" so-to-speak. And that's the hump we have to get over now.

We're in a real war-to-the-finish here: real class war.
And so some people are reading the signs wrong. As usual.

13 January 2006 at 12:57  

You idiot communists are all the same. After what happened to Russia and seeing what's happened to France and Germany, you still insist socilaism is a good form of government. I don't care what lopsided greepeace studies you cite, SOCILAISM DOESNT WORK BECAUSE SOCIAL PROGRAMS ARE WASTEFUL AND CORRUPT. It is not human nature to be altruistic, and so socialist governments will always be scammed by the people.

That being said, the USA will not cut and run from Iraq before the next 3 to 5 years because even the democrats know how important it is. They'll use anti-war rhetoric to get elected, but in the end they'll continue Bush's policies.

So, in reality, NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LEFTIES THINK. STFU already and find something worthy to bitch about- like North Korea's tyrannical genocide, China's repression of free speech, or Iran's pursuit of nukes.

20 January 2006 at 01:53  

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