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04 January 2006
'Monger of the month: December
Another month has gone by and it's time to choose December's idiot. The contest was closely fought this month and it has been a real struggle to decide the winner. I would just like to offer my thanks to all you knobs who wrote in, thinking that you were bloody clever, and I am only sorry that you could not all be awarded the recognition that your stupidity deserves. Keep wanking and writing: probably at the same time, and maybe next month you will be the proud recipient of our 'Monger of the Month award.

The runner-up this month is the Rev. Craig R. Harmon for this gem of a posting. Craig, mate, I really thought that you had the prize in the bag with that bit of hand-shandery, but you were pipped at the post by this month's winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner is well known in blogging circles as a wanker of the first order. He calls himself a socialist, but he never gives his real name for fear that his boss will shout at him. Behind his monitor he is one of the bravest of all the hand-shandyists for war that I have ever known. His posts never make any sense at all, and this one is such a perfect example of his style that he had to be the winner. They call him a cunt, but I say a cunt's useful and this wazzock's of no use to man nor beast. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you David T. the 'Monger of the Month for December 2005!

Every month this blog will award due recognition to the animal, vegetable or mineral who has made the most asinine, stupid and/or off-the-wall comment or comments. Nationality is not important, but anyone who signs themself as anonymous will not be included. The publisher-editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

As I am away from home the next update wil be on the 6th January.

I gotta dumb-down my answers.

6 January 2006 at 11:25  

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