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02 January 2006
Man of the year 2005: Juba, the Baghdad sniper.
The aggressors have never seen him. All they hear from him is the crack of his sniper's rifle as another invader flops down dead or seriously wounded. One shot, that's all. Then he vanishes. The Americans call him Juba, but he calls himself the Baghdad Sniper. He leaves a calling card behind which reads, What has been taken in blood cannot be regained except by blood. Baghdad Sniper.

He is a legend in Iraq, and one that is feared by his country's enemies. Some Americans want to deploy their own snipers against him, but one of their marksmen said, "It would be a pretty shitty assignment because he's good. I think it's a sniper's job to get a sniper, and it'd probably take all of us to get him."

The occupation forces are well protected by body armour, so the Baghdad Sniper must wait for the right moment to fire his single shot. He aims for the cracks in the armour, at the lower spine, the ribs, or just above the chest. He kills from up to 200 yards away. Speaking of one such incident, an American officer said:"It was the perfect shot. Blew out the spine."

He uses a Tabuk rifle, which is the Iraqi made sniper's version of the old AK-47. It may still be in production at secret locations in the country. This video shows the Baghdad Sniper in training and ends with a shot of what seems to be a secret Tabuk factory. Is the Baghdad Sniper training new men to help him remove Iraq's enemies? We will probably not know until the war is long over. Probably the most famous Baghdad Sniper video of all is a 16 minute compilation which shows the man in action.

Guerrilla war is mainly political. The guerrilla seeks to recruit new people to the cause, either as fighters or helpers. He also seeks to survive by avoiding pitched battles with his much better equipped enemy. The guerrillas' overall aim is thus to avoid losing and to keep the war going. On the political front, a guerrilla movement needs to make it plain to the inhabitants of the aggressor state that the war will not end, that victory for the aggressor is not just around the corner, and that the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a fucking big train that is headed straight at them. Thus the true worth of the Baghdad Sniper consists of the outraged howls from warmongers across America as they learn about his activities.

This man has culled almost 200 aggressors and gives hope to his countrymen that Iraq is fighting back against her occupation. Videos of him provide comfort to his people during this dark period in Iraq's history. Meanwhile, the hand-shandyists for war can only mutter in impotent rage as more and more of their heroes are removed from Iraqi soil permanently. For all these reasons the Baghdad Sniper is Man of the Year for 2005.

As I am away from home the next update will be on the 4th January.

Man, you are nasty.

My wish for 2006: Bring me a shrubbery!!

2 January 2006 at 15:01  

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