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06 January 2006
Calling all warmongers: this is December's gloat!
Well lads another month has gone by and it's time to take a big bite out of the old shit sandwich once again. Hold your noses, open wide them gobs, and swallow a big chunk of this yummie treat.

The cull for the month of December stood at 68 Americans. That's down a bit on the 72 that got greased in December of 2004, but way above the 40 that went home in boxes during December 2003. On the other hand, two got culled on Christmas Day, which marks a big change from Christmas 2004. Then aggressors could basically take it easy as none of them were put down from the 23rd December to the 26th. Do you see how it works' lads? We get great months and we get good months, but every month is shitty for you as the war goes on and on and as support for it gets less and less.

Probably the highlights of the month were the elections, which you lot thought were going to see the election of a secular, pro-western, pro-capitalist set of parties. Big fucking mistake there, am I right lads? Who got elected? Well, just about every bugger who is anti-capitalist and who wants to see the aggressors out. When not screaming that the whole thing was rigged, they are limbering up for the next round against the Americans.

The elections have probably helped the guerrillas, because now they have front-men who can speak for them on the public stage. What this means is that either the war will just carry on until the folks back home get sick of it, or the Americans will continue to talk to the guerrillas and negotiate a way out for their soldiers.

Either way, you and your Blairite pals are well fucked. Iraq is not going to be a secular, capitalist state that will open its economic doors and recognise Israel. I mean, that is what this whole lunacy was about, wasn't it? Thus if your war aims are not met, it stands to sense that you and yours have lost this one. So what are you going to say to the almost 100 families of the soldiers who have so far died?

Bring 'em on!

As I am away from home the next update will be on the 9th January.

Since in the interests of their spin they never mention it, I'd just like to point out again why everybody in the world hates U.S. imperialist guts: what's never mentioned is how many people the invaders have murdered/maimed/mugged each and every month.

Those are the numbers I want to see reduced. Not the body count for mercenaries. News for you people: wave all the flags you want -- you're still mercenary killers to the rest of us.

6 January 2006 at 11:47  

yikes! What a country i live in...

10 January 2006 at 05:56  

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