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31 January 2006
100 British soldiers are now dead.
One hundred British soldiers have now been killed in the war against Iraq. There isn't very much to say. Compared to the numbers of Iraqis that have died, one hundred isn't a large number. However, they died in a war that is not ours and in a land that does not belong to us. I just hope that Blair will be removed soon and that no more squaddies die.

The Stop The War Coalition have organised a protest in Parliament Sqare for today, the 31st January 2006, at 5.00pm. If you can get there, please lend your support. Tomorrow, the 1st February, protests are being called all over the country. Please see the Coalition's website for more details.

I shall leave the rest up to Reg Keys, father of the late L/Cpl Thomas Keys, killed as a result of Tony Blair's actions on the 24th June 2003:
To remain in Iraq will merely result in a steady trickle of coffins returning to these shores. We have to remember that troop deployment was based on the deceit of WMD not on regime change, and to keep our loyal troops there is to support regime change which is clearly against international law. These service personnel have had their Oath of Allegiance betrayed and their patriotism exploited by a Prime Minister that lacked the integrity and moral fibre to resist the pressure of war from President George W Bush. Had the invasion been backed by international law and the UN and had Iraq possessed WMD which could have threatened Britain then I am sure the families of these servicemen killed would more readily accept and come to terms with their deaths.

I'm very sorry.

31 January 2006 at 18:50  

Hey hey - let's keep it up to date here. Why are we having to dig back for a quote from 2 1/2 years ago?
Why not instead quote the parents of this "100th victim" :

[His parents Jenny and Bill said in a statement he was "the epitome of a modern, professional soldier" and "extremely proud" of his regiment. "While we are sorry to lose him, he was fighting for a cause he believed in - he was fighting to give others freedom."]

Incidentally, 23 of the 100 soldiers killed in Iraq have died of illness or non-combat injuries (road crashes etc) - something which happens to thousands of people each day in the UK...

Just a thought.

1 February 2006 at 14:20  

Oh - also, he was 31 years old and a corporal - not a squaddie as you infer.


1 February 2006 at 14:21  

Probably because the BBC has only just interviewed to families of the two most recent deaths...

Squaddy tends to be used to describe other ranks in general.

1 February 2006 at 17:02  

So you left out the interview with the parents of the soldier who died because the BBC had... er... interviewed them?

Am I missing something?

2 February 2006 at 11:07  

What, you visit the Motherland for a couple of weex and your suddenly all patriotic? Who's behind all those bombings in Iraq and Iran, and the mass disappearances, anyway?

Real he-man patriots would sit this imperialist shit out in the stockade, or whatever the brits call it, rather than lift one finger to advance the murderous interests of the City of London.

3 February 2006 at 08:12  

No, it's not that, Comandante. Objections to the war in the UK come from many quarters. We cannot adopt a holier than thou attitude and only look at things from a socialist perspective. We need the biggest coalition for withdrawal that we can get and that means including everyone from outraged patriots who loath Britain's role as Ameica's poodle to revolutionary defeatists.

The one thing that gets most attention is the fate of young men who join the army for a wage and three meals a day. People feel sorry for them and tgere is nothing wrong with playing up that angle.

3 February 2006 at 18:18  

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