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31 January 2006
100 British soldiers are now dead.
One hundred British soldiers have now been killed in the war against Iraq. There isn't very much to say. Compared to the numbers of Iraqis that have died, one hundred isn't a large number. However, they died in a war that is not ours and in a land that does not belong to us. I just hope that Blair will be removed soon and that no more squaddies die.

The Stop The War Coalition have organised a protest in Parliament Sqare for today, the 31st January 2006, at 5.00pm. If you can get there, please lend your support. Tomorrow, the 1st February, protests are being called all over the country. Please see the Coalition's website for more details.

I shall leave the rest up to Reg Keys, father of the late L/Cpl Thomas Keys, killed as a result of Tony Blair's actions on the 24th June 2003:
To remain in Iraq will merely result in a steady trickle of coffins returning to these shores. We have to remember that troop deployment was based on the deceit of WMD not on regime change, and to keep our loyal troops there is to support regime change which is clearly against international law. These service personnel have had their Oath of Allegiance betrayed and their patriotism exploited by a Prime Minister that lacked the integrity and moral fibre to resist the pressure of war from President George W Bush. Had the invasion been backed by international law and the UN and had Iraq possessed WMD which could have threatened Britain then I am sure the families of these servicemen killed would more readily accept and come to terms with their deaths.
30 January 2006

Brian Haw, Parliament Square, London.

I finally got to meet Brian Haw on the 25th of this month. I had tried on the 11th, but he was not around. He was rather critical of the anti-war movement in the UK, claiming that when the SWP turns up to show him their support they cause more problems than they are worth. His main complaint was that they leave the square like a tip and that he then has to get his broom out and sweep up after them. When he complains they sort of roll their eyes and ignore his protests.

Other than this he pretty much said the same things as the people that I had met on the 11th had also said. The British anti-war movement is hampered by the fear that people have of losing their jobs. Thirty years ago during the war against Vietnam, students had grants and workers had unionss, so we could organise then. Today, when students have to pay for their courses and ordinary people are kept in constant fear of the dole, such large-scale protests do not occur.
28 January 2006
Back in Mexico
Well, all my plans to update the blog from London pretty much came to nothing. I had so many things to do that finding the time to go to an internet cafe was impossible. I`m back in Mexico, so normal service should be resumed just as soon as I shake off this jet-lag.
12 January 2006
Parliament Square
To Parliament Square to look at Brian Haw's protest. This is the bloke who has lived rough outside Parliament since 2001 in protest at the regime's attitude towards Iraq. Once the war against that country began, Brian became a focus for popular discontent, so much so that the government introduced a special law with the intention of getting rid of him. Alas they ballsed up the drafting and he is still there.
Of course, Sod's Law dictated that he wasn't around when I got there - he was off at Bow Street Magistrates' Court, giving support to some demonstrators who were being prosecuted, but I spoke to three of his supporters who were looking after the site.
I asked them why opposition to the war was not as vocal as the opposition to the war against Vietnam had been. The reply was basically that people today are tied up with work in a way that was not the case thirty years ago. On that sad and depressing note I left them, but promised to return next week with my camera.
I am not in London at the moment, so updating this blog is going to be difficuelt for the remainder of this week. I hope to have something new next week, when I am back in London.
09 January 2006
Why I hate British Airways
Once upon a time each passenger aircraft came with two classes: first and second. In a 747 the first class section was basically the hump at the front; second class was everything else. That was fine as the second class section was reasonably comfortable.

About twenty years ago a business class was added. God knows why, but it was. Still it did not effect what by then had become the third class, and there was still plenty of space to move around in.

Now, British Airways has divided up the third class section and created a fourth class right at the back of the aircraft. The seats are uncomfortable and don't come with much legroom. They call their new fourth class the economy section, but it reminds me of the old workmens' carriage on British trains. To the best of my knowledge, BA is the only airline to have done this.

All the more reason to wonder when this shitty organisation is going to be taken back into public ownership and run as Britain's flag carrier should be run. Along with the trains, the gas, the electricity and everything else that our enemies stole from us and gave away to their friends, that is.

Well, I'm back in Britain - in London to be exact. I don't have the internet at the place where I am staying, but internet cafes have been a blogsaver up to now. So, come to think of it, have the internet machines that you find at railway stations and the like. I am also seriously impressed with the telephone boxes that have been converted to internet points. You just slap a quid in the machine and off you go! In Mexico we have internet cafes on almost every street corner, and they have the advantage of coming complete with a pretty girl to bring the punter his coffee and change the ash-tray once it gets full. Here in London I have yet to find an internet cafe that gives this level of service, and they are damned expensive to boot, so standing on a street corner in a converted telephone box has it advantages, I suppose. The only problem is that I am freezing my bollocks off. Still, at least I can smoke in peace.
06 January 2006
Calling all warmongers: this is December's gloat!
Well lads another month has gone by and it's time to take a big bite out of the old shit sandwich once again. Hold your noses, open wide them gobs, and swallow a big chunk of this yummie treat.

The cull for the month of December stood at 68 Americans. That's down a bit on the 72 that got greased in December of 2004, but way above the 40 that went home in boxes during December 2003. On the other hand, two got culled on Christmas Day, which marks a big change from Christmas 2004. Then aggressors could basically take it easy as none of them were put down from the 23rd December to the 26th. Do you see how it works' lads? We get great months and we get good months, but every month is shitty for you as the war goes on and on and as support for it gets less and less.

Probably the highlights of the month were the elections, which you lot thought were going to see the election of a secular, pro-western, pro-capitalist set of parties. Big fucking mistake there, am I right lads? Who got elected? Well, just about every bugger who is anti-capitalist and who wants to see the aggressors out. When not screaming that the whole thing was rigged, they are limbering up for the next round against the Americans.

The elections have probably helped the guerrillas, because now they have front-men who can speak for them on the public stage. What this means is that either the war will just carry on until the folks back home get sick of it, or the Americans will continue to talk to the guerrillas and negotiate a way out for their soldiers.

Either way, you and your Blairite pals are well fucked. Iraq is not going to be a secular, capitalist state that will open its economic doors and recognise Israel. I mean, that is what this whole lunacy was about, wasn't it? Thus if your war aims are not met, it stands to sense that you and yours have lost this one. So what are you going to say to the almost 100 families of the soldiers who have so far died?

Bring 'em on!

As I am away from home the next update will be on the 9th January.
04 January 2006
'Monger of the month: December
Another month has gone by and it's time to choose December's idiot. The contest was closely fought this month and it has been a real struggle to decide the winner. I would just like to offer my thanks to all you knobs who wrote in, thinking that you were bloody clever, and I am only sorry that you could not all be awarded the recognition that your stupidity deserves. Keep wanking and writing: probably at the same time, and maybe next month you will be the proud recipient of our 'Monger of the Month award.

The runner-up this month is the Rev. Craig R. Harmon for this gem of a posting. Craig, mate, I really thought that you had the prize in the bag with that bit of hand-shandery, but you were pipped at the post by this month's winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner is well known in blogging circles as a wanker of the first order. He calls himself a socialist, but he never gives his real name for fear that his boss will shout at him. Behind his monitor he is one of the bravest of all the hand-shandyists for war that I have ever known. His posts never make any sense at all, and this one is such a perfect example of his style that he had to be the winner. They call him a cunt, but I say a cunt's useful and this wazzock's of no use to man nor beast. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you David T. the 'Monger of the Month for December 2005!

Every month this blog will award due recognition to the animal, vegetable or mineral who has made the most asinine, stupid and/or off-the-wall comment or comments. Nationality is not important, but anyone who signs themself as anonymous will not be included. The publisher-editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

As I am away from home the next update wil be on the 6th January.
02 January 2006
Man of the year 2005: Juba, the Baghdad sniper.
The aggressors have never seen him. All they hear from him is the crack of his sniper's rifle as another invader flops down dead or seriously wounded. One shot, that's all. Then he vanishes. The Americans call him Juba, but he calls himself the Baghdad Sniper. He leaves a calling card behind which reads, What has been taken in blood cannot be regained except by blood. Baghdad Sniper.

He is a legend in Iraq, and one that is feared by his country's enemies. Some Americans want to deploy their own snipers against him, but one of their marksmen said, "It would be a pretty shitty assignment because he's good. I think it's a sniper's job to get a sniper, and it'd probably take all of us to get him."

The occupation forces are well protected by body armour, so the Baghdad Sniper must wait for the right moment to fire his single shot. He aims for the cracks in the armour, at the lower spine, the ribs, or just above the chest. He kills from up to 200 yards away. Speaking of one such incident, an American officer said:"It was the perfect shot. Blew out the spine."

He uses a Tabuk rifle, which is the Iraqi made sniper's version of the old AK-47. It may still be in production at secret locations in the country. This video shows the Baghdad Sniper in training and ends with a shot of what seems to be a secret Tabuk factory. Is the Baghdad Sniper training new men to help him remove Iraq's enemies? We will probably not know until the war is long over. Probably the most famous Baghdad Sniper video of all is a 16 minute compilation which shows the man in action.

Guerrilla war is mainly political. The guerrilla seeks to recruit new people to the cause, either as fighters or helpers. He also seeks to survive by avoiding pitched battles with his much better equipped enemy. The guerrillas' overall aim is thus to avoid losing and to keep the war going. On the political front, a guerrilla movement needs to make it plain to the inhabitants of the aggressor state that the war will not end, that victory for the aggressor is not just around the corner, and that the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a fucking big train that is headed straight at them. Thus the true worth of the Baghdad Sniper consists of the outraged howls from warmongers across America as they learn about his activities.

This man has culled almost 200 aggressors and gives hope to his countrymen that Iraq is fighting back against her occupation. Videos of him provide comfort to his people during this dark period in Iraq's history. Meanwhile, the hand-shandyists for war can only mutter in impotent rage as more and more of their heroes are removed from Iraqi soil permanently. For all these reasons the Baghdad Sniper is Man of the Year for 2005.

As I am away from home the next update will be on the 4th January.