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20 December 2005
The story is told. . .
The story is told that during the Vietnam War the American actress Jane Fonda was due to address the Tribune Group of Labour MPs at the House of Commons. Dennis Skinner was the man who had to meet her and he was cooling his heels in St. Stephen's Entrance, with no actress in sight. Somebody suggested that perhaps she might have gone to St. Stephen's Tavern, a nearby watering hole, so Skinner set off to look for her in there.

He asked one of the barmen if Jane Fonda had been in, and the barman replied, "No, she usually sits in the corner with her milk stout, but she hasn't been in today. Now get out of here you drunken northern git before I have the law on you."

This posting is part of my collection of political tales, some of which are older even than me.

This is about "Hanoi Jane" making Left-sounding noises the other day regarding the present trajectory of the world -- and now in regards to the out-of-control U.S. killing machine -- right? And after all that spin in recent years making her out to be some born-again repented sinner..!
Tsk, tsk.

Does the Right feel betrayed again?

Being Xmas and all... should we now be chanting: "Ho Ho Ho" -- or "Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh"..?

21 December 2005 at 01:04  

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