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22 December 2005
No arrests at carol service
Yesterday's carol service went off without a hitch, as the police kept a low profile.

Photographs and a report are here, and Rachel from North London has added her comments here. She makes the point that even though the police chose to present the event as a service, it was actually a demonstration that breached the law.

The Left isn't going to advance in society if it doesn't take back space lost to those who are de facto partisans of the police state. So it means, in instances like these, understanding how the police think and how they act. Which isn't hard: all you have to do is imagine what devious liars would do.

Police don't attack when they'd lose more by doing so than holding back. So even if this particular high-profile lot get off this time, we should understand that the very next time the police feel they can get away with abridging someone's rights in the same situation -- they won't hesitate. And so we should be prepared to come down like a ton of bricks on them every time they do this.

Of course, this would entail being organized against the state, or some such silly thing...

23 December 2005 at 02:45  

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