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07 December 2005
More on the Fallujah attack
This is all very rum: on the 1st of this month ten American marines were killed just outside Fallujah. It was reported that they were on a foot patrol and a bomb exploded. However, CNN is now reporting that thay actually died at a flour mill when one of them stepped on a pressure pad that set the bomb off.

Now, there is a problem here. A video is going the rounds which clearly shows a foot patrol getting blasted by a roadside bomb. Given that the Iraqis seem to just love videoing their operations, there is no reason to believe that it is not authentic resistence footage. It shows a Humvee with four soldiers on either side of it on what seems to be a patrol. One appears to be riding with his head sticking out of the top of the vehicle, so if we add a driver that makes ten men altogether. One blogger has pointed out that a further eleven were injured. Where are they he asks? My guess is that if this video is of the attack in question, then they were walking out of camera range. The Humvee had its close-in escort and a further group were in front, with possibly another group behind.

The problem I think is the two differing versions of events and this video which seems to show that the first version was the correct one. So why the second version? On the other hand, if the CNN story is correct, how to account for the video?

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