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08 December 2005
More on David Cameron
Probably the best analysis of why David Cameron won the Tory leadership election can be found here. It's an insider's view of events, and a damn good one.

My feeling about this election is that NewLab should thank its lucky stars that David Davis did not win. Davis lived his early life on a council estate and his grandfather was one of the Jarrow marchers. He reminds me too much of Norman Tebbit - a man who understands the working class only too well, because he came from it. NewLab is hardly in a position to use the class treason charge against him because the party no longer even pretends to speak for the working people of Britain. Thus a Davis led Tory party would be free to trot out the old Thatcherite lies and NewLab could have found itself flatfooted.

David Cameron has made a mistake in my view. He has presented himself as the successor to Tony Blair, but this ignores the fact that the toy-boy only won in 1997 because people were sick and tired of the Tories. It was a victory by default, and the successive victories came about because the Tories began to fight amongst themselves. Given the fall in turnout, especially in working class districts, it is hard to argue that people have been converted to the NewLab ideology.

The next election will see the NewLab Party headed, probably, by Gordon Brown, and he is as much a part of the whole NewLab bollocks as Tony Blair. Thus two NewLab parties will contest an election. Turnout will probably fall still further, but since both parties will be basically the same, the election will probably turn on the personalities of the two front benches.

Who would you rather have? Nice, solid reliable Gordon Brown or a man who looks as if he has a soft-boiled egg instead of a head on his shoulders? Neither party will be speaking for the bulk of the population who are stuck in their McJobs and sadly that is what British politics has been reduced to these days.

Man, that was some boring gobshite. Couldn't even finish reading it... New Labour?? C'mon! When's the Revolution?

Time for the People's Republic of North Yorkshire to become a reality...

8 December 2005 at 23:30  

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