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01 December 2005
'Monger of the month: November
Last month's contest was not closely fought, and we have a winner who stands head and shoulders above every other wazzock, hand shandyist for war and complete wingnut. That lucky winner is our 'Monger of the Month.

The runner-up was David T. from the Harry's Place site, but I don't think that his heart was really in it, as he seemed to be in autowank mode. However, to give the lad credit, he did try, and his comment was certainly a fair example of the idiocy needed to win, but it did not sink to the winner's levels. Better luck next time, Dave, and keep plugging away.

Now, step forward Craig R. Harmon, for you are this month's 'Monger of the Month with these idiotic comments to one of my postings on the 24th November. Craig is a Lutheran minister, a husband and father and the owner of not just one, but two blogs, neither of which ever seems to get updated very often. Craig, you are a gem, and I hope that you are proud of this publicity. Keep up the good work and remember that you are living proof that it is possible to type one-handed and believe in the Chimp at the same time.

Every month this blog will award due recognition to the animal, vegetable or mineral who has made the most asinine, stupid and/or off-the-wall comment or comments. Nationality is not important, but anyone who signs themself as anonymous will not be included. The publisher-editor's decission is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

I proudly await my turn at the podium. Or is that gallows?

2 December 2005 at 18:23  

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