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04 December 2005
Juba the Iraqi sniper in action
Download this Iraqi video and then tell me that imperialism is winning its war against Iraq. It runs for almost 16 minutes and is in WMV format at 214 KBS, so the quality is not first rate. Basically it shows an expert Iraqi sniper in action. My favourite clip shows an American soldier eating a sandwich in the turret of his armoured vehicle. He is swinging the turret from side to side and munching his sarnie. Then Juba lets loose with one shot. . .

Cheers: Information Clearing House

Okay, because one jihadi is a crack shot, 'imperialism' isn't winning its war in Iraq? Can you say non sequitur?

Also, I'd hate to think that you're actually cheering for the other side, you know, enjoying the efficient killing of our 'imperialist' soldiers. That, of course, would be unpatriotic and I would hate to question your patriotism.

4 December 2005 at 18:44  

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I would like to welcome back our current 'Monger of the Month Mr. Craig Harmon. Clearly in with a chance to win the prize for a second time running with this comment.

Craig, mate, the guerrilla wins by not losing; the regular soldier loses by not winning. All the Iraqis have to do is outlast you.

Secondly, when you say "our" do you mean to suggest that you and I have the same nationality? I think that you do. I am actually very patriotic and feel that defeat for the USA could leave to their army leaving my country. At the very least the Quisling regime that we have will fall.

Yeah, the more I think about this posting the more convinced I become that you are going to become 'Monger of the Month for December as well.

5 December 2005 at 00:48  

Craig, you deluded, DELUDE sap. You don't get it yet, do you?

We really, REALLY want you people to LOSE. BIGTIME. We don't CARE how many of you die in the process.
DIG IT?? There's enuff of you killers running around offing people all over the planet as it is. We WANT there to be fewer of you mercenary murderers COME THE REVOLUTION.

I really wish I were a Yanqui too -- so I could rub it in that this is CLASSWAR -- and this nationalist crap in your brain
could begin to dissipate in the realization that half the people in the U.S. at least are not going to put up with your police-state much longer.

And screw your idiot killer religion too.

6 December 2005 at 04:23  

I guess you guys want saddam back in power! Let me guess you arent Kurdish Or a Shiit Iraqi! Idiot killer religion, What religion are you talking about?

19 April 2006 at 17:57  

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