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11 December 2005
In favour of cutting and running from Iraq
Nir Rosen, an Arabic speaker who knows Iraq, argues in this essay that the most the USA can hope for is an independent Kurdistan that will allow American bases on its soil.

He argues that the civil war has already begun in the Arab part of the country, so claiming that America is preventing that happening is silly. He goes on to say that this civil war is fueled by the American presence, as Sunnis attack Shia collaberators. Once the USA has left the desire to exact intiqaam (revenge) for the humiliation of having their country occupied will end. Besides, says this writer, the guerrillas have only light weapons.

That final argument can be countered by saying that many of the guerrillas were former officers and NCOs in the old Iraqi army, but it is not the point. What Iraq does in its sovereign territory after they have expelled the aggressors is an internal matter for them.

Cheers: Juan Cole

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11 December 2005 at 11:21  

Does he have to pledge fealty to the House of Windsor again?
Go for it, Exile! Give-in to the Urge! Go Right! Far Right!
Or is that just for ex-trotskyists?

As for Iraq: never forget that a main angle of the Plan for World Domination is the breaking-up of all troublesome states into smaller, bite-size entities. And so all those mysterious SAS-, Navy Seal-looking terrorist bomber/kidnap outfits fit in seamlessly with this logic. Just look at that latest wish-list map for "Iranistan" et al. Or how the bust-up of the CCCP was planned LONG before 1991... I even read a novel in the `70s written by a big mucky-muck ex-NATO general, whereby NATO won a short WWIII -- and the CCCP was summarily busted-up into a series of smaller, vassal states... Pretty much looking like today's situation.
No shit.

11 December 2005 at 19:18  

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