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12 December 2005
Guerrillas urge Iraqis to vote on Thursday
Warmongers will be disapointed to learn that Iraq's nationalist guerrillas have urged people to vote in Thursday's election. At the same time, guerrillas in al-Anbar province has said that they will protect the polling stations aginst any attacks by al-Qaida. The Baath party will not be allowed to stand, but The Iraqi Front for National Dialogue has strong links to it. The Iraqi Accordance Front is the coalition that represents religious Sunnis.

What's going on? It could be that a deal has been cut with one of the Shia parties that will see a grand coalition formed after the elections. Given that the Sunnis are unlikely to want the aggressors to remain, the most likely Shia candidate for a putative coalition would The Sadr Movement that is headed by Moqtada al-Sadr. His guerrillas fought the Americans, so he seems the obvious choice. His party will run as part of the United Iraqi Alliance list, but that's not to say that he cannot dump his erstwhile allies once the election is over.

Another possibility is that the guerrillas will wage a two-pronged offensive after the elections are over. The guerrillas will continue culling the occupiers and their political fronts will cheer them on in parliament. Once it becomes clear that peace will only come when the guerrilla demands are met, then their political fronts will be well placed to strike deals with the Shia.

The post-election period is going to be very interesting. Unless you happen to be a 'monger that is. If you are then I suspect that you will be eating the same old shit sandwich as before.

rote this below in the comments:

Anonymous said...
The brit blogs are too
domimated By the "pro war Left" including this one
how trying this blog out

The "pro war Left" only supports the Iraq war because of the oil and is concerned of Britains overall strategic position as regards other powers such as Russia and China.

Comandante Gringo, Exile,
Don't cheer too loudy thats very, very bad news. There surrendering to a paper exerise in the "green Zone". All that government is, in fact a few seats in an assembly hall and nothing more.
The American "ambassador" has all the control over iraqs oil and money through the
middle America hated UN sanctioned "Iraqi development fund".The money from Iraqi oils goes straight into a New york bank account, so much for Iraqi sovereignty.

Some good news from britian

Sir, How can a “dyed-in-the-wool” Conservative feel at home with the Liberal Democrats (letter, Dec 9)? I can answer that.
As an active Tory under Macmillan and Heath I reject a party led by a man who was the protégé of Norman Lamont and Michael Howard, is secretive about his involvement with drugs, favours vouchers — renamed passports — for secondary schools, voted for the invasion of Iraq and is a dogmatic Eurosceptic.
For me, the Lib Dems have that all-important factor that the Conservative Party finally lost in 1997: a liberal conscience.


12 December 2005 at 11:36  

You've got another "entry", Guv'.
Well done!

ftse soldier? One of those vicious little world-destroying, suspender-wearing rude boys in The City? The ones whose bosses are Blair's bosses? The ones the workers are going to suspend from the lampposts someday?

No. Loox like it's a blog run by the kind like that grenadier sitting beside me on the long-distance bus on his way back to England, called up to go to Iraq in the 'first wave'... and who I wholly suspect was planted on that bus by the canadian secret police -- the ones who were all waiting for me at the Toronto subway terminal where he got off...

Nice enuff chap tho'. He well understood the logic that there was something fishy about "defending" one's country inside someone else's resource-rich one... And learned a few things about marxism too. I sincerely hope he got out of Iraq alive. But not any of those smirking mercs I've seen in some fotoz from Iraq: I hope THOSE ones ALL 'buy it'. Right between the eyes.

16 December 2005 at 05:02  

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