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30 December 2005
Going home for January
I shall be away from Mexico from today, the 30th December, to the end of January 2006. Have a great New Year and let's hope that 2006 is the year that sees the final defeat for imperialism.

Updating this blog is going to be very difficult next month. The house where I am staying in London does not have the internet so I will rely on internet cafes and the like. I shall try to update on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but I can't promise anything like the service that as been provided since the blog began.

I have already written the postings for the first week of January, and a provisional listing looks like this:

Monday, 2nd January: Man of the Year (If I can find an internet cafe that is open on a bank holiday.)
Wednesday, 4th January: 'Monger of the Month. (Held over in case changes have to be made, due to the last minute offerings of another idiot.)
Friday, 6th January: December's Gloat.

From the second week in January, it really is a case of wait and see what happens.I have pretty much been out of the UK since 1992, so spending a month in London will give me a chance to look at things with an outsider's eye. I shall try and post my thoughts on what has changed in the UK during January, but that is not a promise, as I have many things to do.

A sign of the times: Internet penetration in the suburbs of Ciudad de México is arguably better than in some english boroughs now.

Have a stout on me, eh?

1 January 2006 at 10:38  

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