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22 December 2005
Let's start from the beginning, shall we? In the comments to this essay, a lady named Susanna came along and told me that I needed a feed. A certain Comandante Gringo told her that I had a feed. Did this mean that I was full? I had no idea what either of them was blathering about.

People, I was born in the days when radio was called wireless. A wireless was a large, heavy box, often made out of Bakerlight, that sat in the corner of the living room. It had valves inside and took about two minutes to warm up. I was four years old in 1960 when we got our first TV set. It could receive two channels. That was all that broadcast in the UK in those days.

The computer that I am using to generate text on at the moment is not a box with electronics inside. It is a magical device that is powered by angels and demons. I feel that I should sacrifice a small animal to it, otherwise it may stop working.

Now then, I have created two feeds and put the links to them up on the right hand side of the main page - they are just below my usual links. One is Atom and the other is RSS. I have no idea whatsoever what they do, nor I do not know which gods have to be placated to make them work.

However, they are there, so use them at your own risk and do not come running to me if the dark forces inside them try to steal away your souls.

lol man! I am the same!

22 December 2005 at 20:22  

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