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26 December 2005
Christmas news
Two American soldiers were culled on Christmas Eve and a further Two died today, Christmas Day. Bring 'em on, I suppose. Last year no American soldiers died on either of these two days, so probably the Iraqis have decided that this year the crusaders need to be reminded that there is no Christmas break for the dogs of war.

Perhaps the most interesting use of language to describe the dead US soldiers i have come across since 2003. There is something mechanical, expected, with the use of the word "culled."

It is apt, just not what one normally finds.

And about the subsequent post about Saddam's capture. I had readd similar reports that he wasn't found in a hole in he ground. It is understandable to take anything that the US government says about war with a grain of salt. After all this is the same government that made up stories about Jessica Lynch as supposed to be the warrior soldier, taken hostage; Pat Tillman, was killed by "friendly-fire" (now if that isn't a contradiction of terms) yet initial reports were told that he was killed by enemy fire in an exchange of fire. Ah propaganda from the Ministry of Truth.

Have a Merry New Year!

27 December 2005 at 07:24  

I'm still waiting for the real figures of the U.S. war dead.
No way I believe they topped 2.000 only a few weex ago.

Who's counting those "transport tubes", anyway?

27 December 2005 at 10:26  

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