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24 December 2005
Christmas in Mexico
It is now Christmas Eve and time for a short posting on the differences between Christmas in the UK and here in Mexico.

Tonight in the UK the pubs and clubs will be heaving with late night revelry. On Christmas Day people will eat their meal in the early afternoon, and probably watch the Queens Address at 3.00pm. Then they will nod off until bed-time, because everything is closed, so there is nowhere to go even if you wanted to go out.

Mexico is very different. The Christmas meal is eaten on the night of the 24th. By 6.00pm tonight, just about everywhere will have closed, including the bars and cantinas. The large family groups will be gathering and the men will be gettng seriously plastered while the women prepare the meal. Most will eat at midnight, but that is too late for us as the children will have fallen asleep, so we eat at about 9.00pm. I try and keep everything as English as possible, apart from the ludicrous eating hour. We will have turkey and imported Christmas Pudding as always.

Christmas Day here is rather like Boxing Day in the UK. People go to visit family members , just as they will in the UK on the 26th. Even after all these years I still find Christmas a strange experience over here!

Well, I suspect that the kids will have plans for me tommorow, so blogging may be light or non-existant. I wish all of you a very merry Christmas, and I will be back on Boxing Day with more postings.

Just surfing and wishing every one a Merry Christmas!


24 December 2005 at 14:20  

Marxists celebrate the beginning of the sidereal year at the time of the winter solstice -- on or around December 21st.
At least this one does.

Forget all that folk stuff. Onwards, Science!

27 December 2005 at 10:38  

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