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04 December 2005
China requires mobile 'phone registration
You have to love the way that the Chinese government tries to ensure that people have access to new technology and at the same time only use it in approved ways. Take mobile 'phones as a case in point. About half of the 377 million mobiles in China work using a pre-paid card, so the equipment does not need any registration. The government has now decided to put a stop to this by requiring all mobiles to be registered to a particular person. The aim is to cut down on“improper political commentary,” via text messages, especially.

The NewLab regime might want to remember this the next time they start spouting off about human rights in Iraq whilst at the same time flogging the Chinese pretty much whatever they want. Especially since China is one of the world's worst offenders when it comes to torture.

A little bit of consistency would go a long way here, but that is asking too much. Almost 100 British soldiers have died, not because Iraq was any worse than China, but because NewLab's masters in Washington wanted a war against Iraq.

Cheers: Aleks The Blogger

I realize most folks outside China imagine that at least 650 million of its 1.3 billion are yearning to breathe free and bash the system, but alas, even in France you have to produce ID to sign up for a prepaid mobile. Actually, most of the problem of this market economy (I live and teach and China) is drugs, prostitution and pornography, plus various species of white collar crime. Sorry to disappoint but that's how it is here nowadays.

17 March 2007 at 18:15  

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