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12 December 2005
Challenging the chickenhawks
Neil Clark points out that the Territorial Army is short of 7,000 recruits. It seems they are losing about 600 men a month, but deny that this has anything to do with Iraq. . .

So why don't the hand-shandyists for war pop along to their local TA office and sign up? They would not be sent to Baghdad, they may not even leave the UK, bt they would be doing their bit for Blair, his simian master in Washington and the glorious cause of NeoConservatism. I think that this idea is wonderful!

It's not as if any of them are old buggers, either. They are young fellows in the late 20s and early 30s. That's older than I was when Rhodesian Special Branch invited me in for a little chat, but they are still young enough to tote a rifle. My father was 35 when the Second World War ended and he got demobbed, so there is no excuse for these hand-shandyists for war not to rush to the colours.

Unless they lack the bottle, of course.

Rightwingers always love a "sure thing". Like shooting running civilians in the back; or maybe 'wasting' someone who's bound, gagged and helpless.

This is no longer a sure thing.

16 December 2005 at 05:10  

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