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16 December 2005
Canadian leaders tell the Chimp's man to piss off
The American ambassador to Canada said earlier this week that Candian politicians should tone down their anti-American rhetoric during the Canadian election campaign. The reply from the Prime Minister, Paul Martin, came swiftly: "I am not going to be dictated to as to the subjects that I should raise. The dispute with the United States demands leadership at the national level in Canada, even if that leadership happens to rankle some in the U.S."

The opposition Conservative leader Stepen Harper added: "I think Canadians have to make their judgment on that and I don't think foreign ambassadors should be expressing their views or intervening in an election".

I just get the felling that the whole of the rest of the Americas has decided that there is little that the USA can do to them, thanks to Iraq and Iraqi heroism, so they might as well tell the Americans what they really think about them. Basically, whatever Washington's policy is, the rest of us are against it. What can America do about this? America can do fuck all, because its army is bogged down in Iraq.

As a canadian, let me tell you: this man is a two-faced liar, like everyone in the leadership of his party, or most any of the other parties. Whenever these scum feel like they're losing popularity for being the capitalist tools they all are (including the social-democrats), they start spouting nationalist hokum like this crap. In fact, whatever they say in public, there are always the secret deals and agreements which they insist are none of the business of citizens -- if we even find out, that is. Most of the time their media keeps us too distracted to notice what these die-hard elitists are actually doing to us.

As far as their anger is real, it's only because the U.S. imperialists are complete bastards and are screwing everybody over -- including these whining lapdogs who keep assuming they have a "special" relationship with the Boss, but keep getting kicked nonetheless.

Don't trust these bastards any further than you can throw their limousines. This Paul Martin is one of the worst piece of shit leaders Canada has ever had. Even worse than his Conservative predecessors -- which is saying something. He in effect introduced what effectively amounted to an IMF "Structural Adjustment Program" to Canada when he was finance minister many years ago, and all of Canada has been paying the heavy price since. The neocons in the present Conservative Party couldn't possibly do worse, try as they certainly will when they come to power.

Revolution can't come soon enuff to Anglo North America.

17 December 2005 at 08:41  

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