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29 December 2005
British police get new powers of arrest.
This is insanity: as of the 1st January 2006 the British police will get sweeping new powers of arrest. Basically, as things stand, the police are only supposed to arrest for offences that carry a five year prison term. That will change next month when the police will have the power to arrest for pretty anything and everything.

The problem is that if you give the police more powers they will abuse them: it's in the nature of the creatures that seek this type of work. When Walter Wolfgang, 82, was ejected from the Labour Party's conference earlier this year, he was then prevented from returning by the police who cited the Terrorism Act to him. This is what the police are like. They are recruited from the ultra-conformist section of the working class and they just love giving grief to the rest of us.

It is not as if the police do not have enough powere to harrass and irritate people as it is. These new measures are akin to sticking a club on the end of a cruise missile. Why has NewLab done it? Probably to garner a few nasty votes from a few nasty people who live in the nastier suburbs. People who should be voting Tory, in other words.

As with so much that NewLab has done, I feel like weeping.

Except for the danger of it all to those who defy them, all that this really does is to prepare the british working-class for the revolutionary task it should have carried out long ago.

It won't be long before the "Big Crisis" where these police types -- hired or volunteer; GESTAPO or Brownshirt -- will start justifying, not just disappearing people into the U.S.' global gulag, but simply "disappearing" them into anonymous (and probably mass) graves. Maybe even the garbage dumps or even the ditch if they're feeling particularly cocky.

I think even liberals can now see the danger of the Rich and their police and the military to democracy. Time for a little SOCIALISM, I think.

30 December 2005 at 00:46  

Socialism, just a step from communism, is exactly what is causing it!

See my post for a reality check of what how the EU will be tracking everyone in the world.

The Creative Conservative

30 December 2005 at 05:42  

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