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30 December 2005
Attacking Chavez Frias the old, old way.
Once again middle class types are trying to sow discord. The latest is my old mate Norman Geras, who had these amusing things to say about me some time ago. I must be honest and say that I take it as a tribute when middle class filth attack me - it shows that I am doing something right with my life. There is a saying on the left that you can tell when you are doing the right thing because the bosses' newspapers start screaming abuse at you. The blogworld is clearly the same, so getting my leg nibbled by one of these creatures is something that I take pride in. I would be very fucking worried if any two-legged cockroach ever praised me, that's for sure.

Norm's trick is to look for anti-semitism everywhere - if you have read the link above, you can see that he did it with me. Now he's doing it to the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias. Clearly some bloke living on his uppers in Mexico is not in the same category as one of the men who is currently overseeing the destruction of capitalism in a whole country, but that's not the point. I consider myself honoured that I have received the same smear tactic as Chaves Frias

This is what the Venezuelan President said, first in Spanish and then my translation:
El mundo tiene para todos, pues, pero resulta que unas minorias, los descendientes de los mismos que crucificaron a Cristo, los descendientes de los mismos que echaron a Bolivar de aqui y tambien lo crucificaron a su manera en Santa Marta, alla en Colombia. Una minoria se adeuño de la riquezas del mundo. . .
The world has enough for everyone, but it turns out that some minorities, the descendents of those who crucified Christ, the descendents of those who turfed Bolivar out of here and who then crucified him, in a way, up in Santa Marta, over in Colombia. A minority that are the owners of all the riches in the world. . .
Now, it should be obvious to anyone who isn't a complete cunt that the Jews did not kill Simon Bolivar. Chavez Frias was talking about two revolutionaries who were killed by the ruling classes of their respective societies. Earlier in his speech, on page 16 to be exact, he had spoken of the "true Christ" who was the "first socialist of our era . . . and that is why he was crucified."

So why is Norm playing this trick? My feeling is that the middle class filth are scared. They can sense that defeat for the odious system that has given them so many baubles is coming. From Iraq to Venezuala, via France, the peoples of the world are slowly but surely giving globalised capitalism a serious shagging, and types like Norm will do anything to hold onto the pathetic little scraps that their bosses have tossed them. Thus the whinge that Chavez Frias is anti-semitic is just a ploy. Chavez Frias is taxing the middle class vermin into the ground: that is what these creatures are afraid of - that we might get the same idea.

What that world will look like when this is all over I have no idea. I will just be so pleased to see the denizens of Hale Barnes, Bramhall and Withington - all scumbag zones in Manchester - reduced to the level where they have to send their daughters out to suck dick on the streets. What we build after that is up to us. Again, using Manchester as an example, the future belongs to Ancoats, Miles Platting and Moss Side. At least we shall have the chance to get our factories open again, and we can ensure that our children do not have to suffer the insolence that we had to endure as the scum of England pissed on us.

Update: It will be noted that Geras has backtracked on his posting and is now trying to wriggle his way out of the charge of anti-Semitism. He hasn't linked to this posting, which must mean that he hasn't read it. If he had read it and had declined to link that would make him an ignorant cunt, wouldn't it?



Chavez is just making his own people smoke the very same opium distributed by the world powerful to control masses: religion.

Invoking the truth Jesus is so Ratzinger! Of course, when it comes from Chavez is not rhetoric, it’s not populism, it’s pure revolution.

Wasn’t it Jesus who said “There is no worse blind man than the one who doesn't want to see”?

31 December 2005 at 04:56  

The middle-class followers of a Blair or a El Shrubbo are who they are precisely because of selfishness and fear. So of course a Chavez frightens them.

It is really sad, therefore, that they don't see the rise of the Peoples Republic of China, which is following the Marxist script to the letter (and is the first country on Earth to do so.) Lenin had it just a hair wrong, however-the Communists will sell us the rope that they hang us with.

31 December 2005 at 06:43  

The world is a complicated place -- but it's not unknowable (it really does help to completely throw over bourgeois mass indoctri.. I mean kultur, and concentrate 100% on the alternative media). These people, however, chose not to know (in an existential, bad faith sense, I suppose). They prefer instead to live like pampered pets (some of them attack dogs, at that), with a master and a leash -- but including gourmet doggy food. And for this we condemn them.

China is BOTH socialist AND capitalist in a way. And so many people have trouble understanding this, because it is indeed an unstable situation which cannot carry on for too long. But marxists -- even corrupt, essentially EX-marxists -- at least know their dialectical-materialist theory, if only crudely; and so they at least come away knowing that the only constant in the world is change. They at least know that nothing is forever -- unlike these ridiculous bourgeois ideologs here with their hired killers and goons, who more and more hysterically and shrilly keep demanding that the tide cease and desist its relentless rise.
Or they'll blow up the planet, just because they can.

Fact is, the reason socialism takes such oblique paths in countries like these is because, while the local comprador bourgeoisies who the socialists replaced were relatively weak -- thus allowing for their overthrow in the first place -- this objective situation of underdevelopment has also been the root of cause of the the weaknesses of the socialism which replaces them. Much ink -- and blood -- has been spilled trying to explain away such simple facts as some inherent failing of the very idea of socialism itself. This, however, is a fools' errand, as more and more the will of the masses exerts itself against the machinations and wiles of a hyper-organized -- but failing -- world bourgeoisie, and the necessity of world socialism rears its strikingly beautiful head in our more technologically-advanced age.

And so, all that remains is that we simply defeat these dogs in the manger and institute a better world for all. And so maybe el Comandante Hugo Chávez should stop spouting off religious obscurantist nonsense and get down to the job at hand, however tough that job may be in a country wracked by decades of capitalist malfeasance.

1 January 2006 at 10:30  

"Middle class filth," eh? Bring it on, chump. We'll see who's standing at the end.

1 January 2006 at 15:40  

Don't know how serious the above is, but there'll be no contest -- and that's a sure bet. Especially since we know the ruling-classes never play fair. Something liberals and pacifists never seem to want to grasp.

3 January 2006 at 06:08  

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