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12 December 2005
At the going down of the sun: the last few Great War Veterans
When I was a child just about every old man that I knew had served in the Great War. Both my grandfathers had fought, but they had died many years before I saw the light of day. Now there are just eleven British veterans left alive.

There is a plan being mooted to honour the last of them with a state funeral, but the old soldiers don't seem too keen on the idea. One said that he "tried not to think about" things like that. Good for him.

The irritating thing about this is that if the plan goes ahead, then we shall be faced with the sight of Tories and others of their class shedding crocodile tears for the last veteran. This man was once promised homes fit for heroes and all he got was the dole. His grandsons saw their way of life destroyed by the same scum who will stand to attention as his coffin passes by.

Excuse me while I vomit.

Buck up, Guv': the forces of british fascism will likely have to spend most of their their blood on the soil of places like América Latina. Maybe even México.

And since pacifists have trouble with the logic, let me put it in simple terms: better these scum die, than they live -- and many, many, many innocent people die as a result of them living to kill, again and again.
There is no third option.

16 December 2005 at 05:27  

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