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18 December 2005
American rhetoric changes: warmongers are invited to get with the new programme
Paul Bremmer called them deadenders, and later they became anti-Iraqi forces. Now that have become nationalists, according to the Chimp's man in Baghdad, Zalmay Khalilzad. Not only that, but the American Commander in Iraq, General George Casey, has announced that the war "will not be settled on the battlefield".

Astute readers will notice that the Chimp recently announced his National Strategy for Victory in Iraq, in which he said that he would not accept "anything less than complete victory" in the country. At the same time, the GOP's attack dogs have been set loose on various Democrat types who are basically saying the same as America's generals and diplomats.

So what's going on? The most likely explanation is that the Chimp is preparing a Vietnam exit from Iraq. The aim would be to negotiate an exit that leaves America's puppets in charge for long enough so that the Chimp can claim his victory. When it all goes pear-shaped a year later, well, that would be the fault of the worthless ragheads, who we all know are crap on the battlefield.

So, if you are a wanker for war and you read this, will you please get with the new programme? Please start talking about nationalists and not deadenders, and at the same time admit that negotiations with said nationalists have begun. Please also stand by to consume the rather large shit sandwich that will be served up to you on the day the Iraqi nationalists march into Baghdad.

But will al-Zarqawi be prime minister?

21 December 2005 at 03:43  

Wonderful blog...you primarily had me at "Chimp". Uh, shouldn't that be "Dictator Chimp"? That's what the asshole (pardon my language please) really is.

21 December 2005 at 05:23  

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