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07 November 2005
Why imperialism should be defeated and why it will be
The hand shandyists for war have been busy little bees recently, so this seems like a good opportunity to point out to the brave boys of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders why they are just so wrong. . .

There are two main reasons why America should be defeated. The first is that, as I said elsewhere, anti-imperialism trumps everything else for a socialist. If our grandfathers could support the Boers in their war against the British Empire 106 years ago, then supporting Iraq against the USA presents no problems. The issue is not what type of government a country has, the issue is that this or that country is waging a defensive war against imperialism.

Secondly, if the USA managed to win its Iraqi adventure, then like a dog that has tasted blood it will go on to attack other countries. The Chimp and various others who support chimpism have already said this, so it is not exactly a surprise. Iran and Syra seem to be on the Chimp's menu, but it could quite easily be Cuba or Venezeuela. As with Germany in the 1930s, you never know where the ruler's baleful glance will settle next. Far better to see the bastards defeated in the sands of Mesopotamia than run the risk of having to fight them in Latin-America. This may sound harsh, but my eldest will be of military age fairly soon, and it is just bad luck for the Iraqis that they drew the short straw. Still, their victory means victory for all the countries in this region who are now using the opportunity presented by the war to make their own way in the world without having to even think about Washington's opinion.

So those are two pretty good reasons why any decent socialist will support Iraq and why imperialism should be defeated. The bad news is that what should happen is often not what actually does happen. Had it been otherwise, then Thatcher would have been forced to go and beg for terms from the NUM's National Executive. . . Luckily, and for the first time in almost thirty years, the gods are favouring that which is right.

It took the Iraqis about 18 months to cull their first 1,000 invaders. The second 1,000 arrived in 14 months. So the Iraqis are just getting better at the art of guerrilla war. They have proved themselves far more adaptive than their enemies. They have dropped the attacks with rocket propelled grenades and assault rifles, attacks which saw far too many Iraqi patriots killed for a cull of rather too few Americans. Instead they are using roadside mines - the famous IEDs - that the Americans have so far not managed to develop countermeasures against. No doubt the Americans will eventually come up with something, but the really good news is that up to now the Iraqis have always managed to stay at least one step ahead of their enemies.

Secondly, the Americans may not realise this, but they are the weaker party to this conflict. The reason for this, as William H. Lind pointed out, is time. The Iraqis do not have to win the war, all they have to do is make the Americans continue losing it. The guerrilla wins by not losing; the imperialist loses by not winning.

Will the imperialists stay the course? For how long? They have been there almost three years - how about another three years? How about another thirty? The Iraqis can last the bout because they live there, they are the only ones actually fighting for their homes, families, clans and tribes. Leading on from this, those people who are thinking about cutting a deal with the Americans know that sooner or later the Americans will leave. When that happens those who worked with the Americans will find themselves alone to face the wrath of imperialism's victims. Want to know what happens then, my little warmongering mates? Cast your minds back to Algeria in 1962. The French had about 250,000 Algerians serving in their colonial forces. The lucky ones managed to hop on a boat to France. Equally lucky were the ones who had the wit to kill themselves. The unlucky ones fell into the hands of the FLN along with their families. What happened next was not nice. . . Time works against the invader, and for the Iraqi. Sorry, lads, it just does.

Ah! but what about the Shia? Will they not help the Americans? Well, they haven't up to now, have they? All they have done is sit back and leave the westerners to do the fighting for them. Just hoping that the Shia will fight for America is a sign that the war is lost, because it means that the outcome does not depend on the USA, it depends on one faction within Iraq siding with America. This is a bit like Richard of York at Bosworth Field, waiting for Stanley to arrive so that he could defeat Henry Tudor. Stanley arrived alright, but he sat on the sidelines and watched the Yorkists lose. Richard ended up dead, his corpse stripped naked and then dragged from the field by a horse to the jeers of the victorious army.

Actually, the American position is even worse than Richard's was all those years ago. He was only fucked if Stanley refused to fight; the Americans are shagged whatever the Shia do. If they continue on the sidelines then the guerrillas will tire the invaders into submission. If they join in the fight and win, then their Iraq will probably side with Iran in future. Either way, America's plan of a privatised Iraq that will recognise Israel and allow its economy to be raped by all and sundry is down the bog. Do you see the problem, lads? The matter is out of your hands. All you can decide now is the manner of your defeat.

To be honest, I hope that imperialism does try to stay the course: cutting and running early next year would allow the bastards to claim a victory and the Fox News watching couch potatoes would agree. So stay the course, please. Stay until your army has been bled white and its equipment is so much scrap yard junk. Stay until the next load of photos and videos from your little torture centres have finally been shown around the world and until your shithole of a country is further disgraced, humiliated and politically isolated. Stay until you can stay no more: stay until the Iraqis finally lift your loathsome presence from all our lives.

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