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15 November 2005
Today is going to be one of those days.
Today is my eldest son's 12th birthday. He got his present on Sunday; a thing called an I-Pod, whch is basically a glorified Walkman, but which is the size of a cigarette packet. You download music in MP3 format from the web and load it into the 20 gig hard drive on the I-Pod. Not bad for about a hundred quid, I suppose.

The problem is that I was given a list of songs that son wants for tomorrow and I am downloading them now from a file sharer thingie. On a dial-up connection, which is all I have, I reckon I will be at this most of the night: and then some more when I get out of bed.

To make matters worse, the "music" is by people that I have never heard of and who can barely sing. Names such as Gorillas, Hilary Duff and Sean Paul are as alien to me as the man on the moon. To make matters worse, when I uploaded some decent Simon & Garfunkle, James Taylor and Willy Nelson stuff to his new toy, all hell broke loose. My actions were double-plus ungood and didn't I know that everyone at school would laugh at him if he played old shit like this? Would I please remove it or he would go and speak to his mother? I did as I was bid, but took the opportunity whilst his back was turned, of uploading some Dubliners tracks as a nice surprise for when he wakes up tomorrow.

Normal service will be restored when I can stand this no longer. . .

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