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20 November 2005
Supporting American aggression led straight to 7th July
British actions in support of the Chimp led to the attacks of the 7th July 2005, according to a new book by Crispin Black, a former intelligence officer.

He argues that the repeated government claim that waging war on Iraq would not place the UK at any greater risk than normal led the police and intelligence services to "take their eye off the ball". In other words, the government was complacent enough to believe its own guff and everybody else took their lead from that.

Leading on from this, and as a direct result of it, one of the main leaders of the groups that planted the bombs was “. . . able to escape from the country a few days later on the Eurostar after walking past his own wanted poster in Waterloo Station".

However, the main charge that Black makes against the Blair regime is that the war, and the way Britain went to war, led directly to the bombings. That the the government “cooked the intelligence books” with its pretexts for aggression just helped Islamic extremism, he said. “It is not just that many people view the war as unjust and illegal, but they believe it was based on a lie. The enabling atmosphere for Islamist terrorism feeds off the way we went to war as well as the perceived nature of the war itself."

Putting these two factors together, Black concludes: “The intelligence scandals could not have been designed better to cause offence, disaffection and alienation among the Muslim community. The irony is that cooking the intelligence books may well be one of the causes of our current difficulties, and one of the most powerful tools we have against terrorism are our intelligence services – compromised by this cavalier approach.”

Cheers: Antiwar.com

Ya. The message is: we're not enuff of a police state at home to be engaging in this imperialist mayhem overseas.

Sure thing, Mr. bastard spook. If these people do continue to kill people in Britain, let's just hope all the casualties are confined to your lot. Nazi.

25 November 2005 at 07:05  

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