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19 November 2005
The right to resist
The Guardian has an article today written by a former prisoner of the Saddam Hussein regime. The writer asks why the patriotic forces in Iraq are growing in number and reaches the obvious conclusion that "collective punishment, random arrest and killing are the defining features".

He gives examples of all of these and concludes, "The lesson history taught us in Vietnam, that stubborn national resistance can wear down the most powerful armies, is now being learned in Iraq".

When do you suppose the 'mongers will wake up to this simple set of truths?

LOL "stubborn national resistance"...?

What national resistance? 1% of the population MAYBE?

Give me a break.

All the occupied countries of Europe resisted the Nazis and yet only when we invaded and DROVE them out did they go anywhere.

Learn a little military history and strategy instead of stuffing your face with Clinton Kool Aid.

20 November 2005 at 03:48  

Congratulations, you have just been made tosser of the week and you are invited to go and read this posting which should be read as you wank yourself into oblivion.

Please, when giving yourself one with the wrist, remember to move your todger out of the way of the monitor at the moment you start the fast hand movements.

20 November 2005 at 05:47  

This guy writes so foolishly it's like he's just trying to be a good troll. Which is something like being a Good German, in this context.

Fact is, the SOVIET ARMY saved youse guys from having to dodge buzz bombs in Brooklyn. And if you want to get technical, WWII was a COLLECTIVE effort -- and it only happened in the first place because fools like you preferred the fascists to the communists. And what's changed? Youse all haven't learned a damned thing -- so pay the price.

25 November 2005 at 06:45  

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