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21 November 2005
Losing the argument
The Observer carried a report about the maimed and dead who return to America from Iraq. The report should be read in its entirety, especially the section that deals with the way that the Americans massage their casualty figures. Soldiers injured in accidents are not counted as war casualties, unlike their British counterparts.

However, the really interesting thing is the attitude of the pro and anti war demonstrators outside Walder Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. The former only seems capable of hurling abuse at the anti-war crowd and they don't seem capable of answering even simple questions:

On one side of the road stands the anti-war lobby who want the troops home. They are careful to put their case in patriotic terms. 'They're sneaking the wounded in, in the middle of the night', one tells us. 'They don't want people to remember these were real men and women who'd served their country.'
The Bush supporters on the other side of the road jab their fingers towards the opposing group. 'These are a bunch of communists and Marxists. They hate everything about our country, they hate our soldiers,' says one. When I suggest there is no proven link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, another spits 'Moron' at me and stomps away. On this side of the road they are far angrier. That's probably because they are losing the argument.
That is the key to it: the warmongers are losing the argument. So they have to fall back on knuckle-dragging nationalism and howls of rage. Soon they will be looking for scapegoats for their lost war. With luck the USA will be tied up for a generation in this hunt.

Since when did the Right have an argument, ever? That's why they yell and scream and suppress others so much.

25 November 2005 at 07:14  

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