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08 November 2005
Hurricane Wilma, some Americans and one shagging shop.
According to this report, various American types are whinging and mithering about the effects that Hurricane Wilma had on their holidays. The main whinge seems to be that nobody told them that a hurricane was on its way. Yeah, right, so all those modern hotels don't have satelite TV and all those satelites don't carry CNN and BBC World? There is hardly a hotel in this whole country that doesn't have the foreign news channels, so I am not wearing that one. As for those tourists who speak Spanish, the local TV and radios stations were running wall to wall reports about the approach of the storm - as was CNN en Español. Sorry, folks, this is not New Orleans and things are just not run as eficiently as they are up north. It's up to you to keep your eyes and ears open.

They are also moaning about being put up in shelters and fed a diet of water and biscuits. Maybe next time they should be left on the street to find their way to the local football stadium? That said, one group were taken to a local high-class knocking shop out by the airport and reported that they were treated well. . . But given that the girls who normally work there were not around, I find it hard to understand why.

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