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10 November 2005
Good news for Iran & bad news for Syria
The good news is that the Americans may not attack Iran after all. The bad news is that planning is proceeding apace for a war against Syria. Why Syria, I hear you ask? Well, because "Iran is four times larger than Iraq with three times the population." Syria is an easy target and the Americans only attack weak countries.

Now for the really lousy news: an American intelligence report has it that any new regime that takes over in Syria will be pretty much the same as the one they have right now.

Cheers: antiwar.com

Americans only attack weak countries.

ya,its trur.

10 November 2005 at 08:26  

Aye, that's what the buggers thought Iraq was, a nice tempting target for aggression. To be fair, if you cast your mind back to the first war, you can understand why they thought this. Iraqis were surrendering to TV cameramen in those day. Not doing it now, are they? Having their country occupied is enought to turn any bugger from a runner into a fighter.

10 November 2005 at 19:46  

Well, technically, the invasion part of the Iraq war, wasn't too bad in historical terms. The problem is that no one had any plans on what to do once they got to Baghdad.

I think the break down took place in the planning structure(duh.) The Bush hawks who were pushing for the war ordered the military to invade and take control of Iraq, which they did more or less. So, the military planners made the call to the Whitehouse and said,

" Okay, we've taken Baghdad, now what do you want us to do?"

---Silence ----

"Um, I'm gonna have to check with somebody, can I call you back?"


And on Syria, I doubt there will be any significant international support for US military action in territory. I can't imagine Russia and China signing off in the sec council, so there would have to be a precipitating event.

The groundwork for this has already been laid for this with the "foreign fighters coming across the borders into Iraq" talk, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are attempts to attach Syrian ties to the bombing yesterday.

But I would disagree with the prospect of Syria being easy. An already overstretched US military tring to take and hold more cities, towns, and villages with a hostile local populace? Easier than Iran, definitely, Easy, no.

Sorry, got to rambling.

10 November 2005 at 20:54  

Naah, ramble away, mate. Rambling I like, it's the one-liners that I think are a waste of space.

I don't know which country the USA will attack next, but I just hope that if it's Syria then Iran steps in to support them. If they don't then the USA will pick off Iran next.

10 November 2005 at 21:22  

There's no reason to think that any brilliant strategy on the U.S. part would have given them a smashing victory in this war at any time. This was a "cakewalk" in the beginning only because the game was already rigged from the get-go.

The only reason Iraq was a pushover at any time was because the regimes of the world -- thru their bastard U.N.O. -- allowed the U.S. to "soften up" Iraq first; after U.S. policy had the Iran-Iraq war weaken both countries, according to plan; after the U.S. and brit world menace had messed with this country for decades beforehand and made sure that no strong, anti-imperialist unifying force could ever challenge them.

Only when the masses could finally face their tormentors face-to-face; when their abstract enemy was no longer the affair of the dictatorship which they'd best leave alone -- only THEN could they finally show their true mettle.

I absolutely guarantee that even nuclear brutality on the part of the U.S. hegemons will no longer suffice to keep the world's peoples in thrall to imperialism. The imperialists' days are truly numbered -- and we're eagerly counting them down.

22 November 2005 at 10:17  

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