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22 November 2005
The first month
The first post to this blog was made on the 25th October at just after 8.00pm. Exactly four weeks later, let me share some thoughts with you.

The blog has been visited by over one thousand people. That is amazing, as I was only expecting a few dozen at most. Secondly, these visitors come from all over the world. That also surprised me, given the British slant to the blog: are there really so many solid, old Labourists spread across the globe, or are you all just addicted to reading blogs? Anyway, whatever your motives are in coming here, you are all more than welcome and I hope that you will keep returning.

If you keep posting, I'll keep reading.

22 November 2005 at 02:34  

More people are turning to the left as current right leaning goverments (including Blair) are raping the world and crushing the spirit of the common man.

22 November 2005 at 08:43  

It is amazing that so many people are blogging. I don’t agree with your political perspectives at all but that is what makes this such an interesting forum. Cheers.

23 November 2005 at 05:09  

Post it and they will comment.

25 November 2005 at 07:28  

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