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23 November 2005
Feeling proud, warmongers?
If you are a warmonger, especially if you are one of those creatures who tries to pretend that he is a socialist, I want you to visit the Today in Iraq site. Scroll down until you get to the 22nd November entries. There you will see a photograph of an Iraqi father holding his dead baby in his arms. The child was murdered by American forces. I can't face posting the photograph here.

When you have done that I would like you to come back here and tell me that the resistence is composed of deadenders, nothing but Baathists, or whatever the latest line is from that shithole of a country that you support. The resistence is Iraq and it is made up of the men who have seen their country occupied and their children killed.

Now, I know that you 'mongers will say that this is what happens in war and that Saddam was far worse, but forget it, because I am not interested. I hope that when Iraq finally gets its act together and drives these aggressors out that all accounts will finally be settled. In the meantime, don't come mithering me about the scum that you support getting blown up on a daily basis.

I remember during the American war against Vietnam, how the USA managed to get some propaganda value out of the TV footage of American POWs being mistreated by their Vietnamese captors. Guess what, lads? I don't think that this will apply in Iraq. I think as far as most of the world is concerned, whatever the Iraqis do to any American they take is fine by us.

I'm still waiting for my frontrow tickets for the Tribunal. You got my chek, right? I'm not for the death penalty -- but I want to see some hangings here. Pour encourager les autres.

25 November 2005 at 08:19  

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