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09 November 2005
Eurabia: the latest ultra right fantasy
The right are rubbing ther little hands in glee at the thought of the French Emergency. Well, they are rubbing something, I just hope that it's their hands. The Bitter & Twisted Fuckheads for War are mithering that Auntie Beeb is reshowing an interview with the late Princess of Wales, when "Paris is burning, we are in a war against a fanatical idealogy, and plagues threaten the land." Yeah, right lads, keep it up - or keep rubbing your hands, whichever you prefer.

Meanwhile this crowd have basically turned their blog into a running commentary on matters French, with gleeful posts and a link to a Canadian who acts as court jester for the Americans. Step forward Mark Steyn.

What these and other commentators have in common is a belief that there is a link between the war against Iraq and the situation in France. Steyn talks glibly about a "Eurabian Civil War," as if the tiny Muslim minorities across the western part of the continent could do anything other than die under the heels of the overwhelmingly non-Muslim majorities in any such conflict.

What these rightists are doing is using the agony of France to try and create in people's minds the idea that all Mohamadens are the same. They are "jihadists" when they try to free their country from the evils of foreign occupation, they come into Europe and breed so fast that it becomes Eurabia - then they start a civil war. You see how it works?

However, as Sonic remarked, the areas that are in a state on insurrection are slightly classier versions of the old South African townships where unemployment runs rampant. They sound like tinderboxes waiting for a spark to me. Iraq by way of contrast is fighting a liberation war - see the difference lads? I know that all mussies look the same, especially when they have those towels wrapped round their heads, but do try.

Update at 6.30 am:

Insomnia being a terrible thing I took the opportunity to have a look around the blogs. Juan Cole did a much better job than me in using Steyn's article as electronic toilet paper.

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