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21 November 2005
Cindy Sheehan's book to be published on Wednesday.
A book by Cindy Sheehan, Not One More Mother's Child, is to be published on Wednesday. The paperback will contain some of her speeches, letters to politicians and a collection of her articles.

Mrs Sheehan will probably go down in history as the woman who gave voice to the millions of Americans who had always opposed this aggression, and who probably created quite a few new opponents of the war as well. For that reason the warmongers tried to smear her in a desperate attempt to divert attention from the searing image of a mother, grieving for her dead son. The smears failed and probably served to turn more people away from this war.

My feeling is that she will be remembered when all the drunken hand shandyists for war are dead and forgotten about.

Sheehan will go down as apologist for bigoted fanatics, a flake and an embarrassment to the memory of her fallen son.

Ask the rest of Sheehan's family what they think of her "stand."

21 November 2005 at 17:03  

"speaches" == Speeches

Sheehan is seen by the left as a hero, uniting millions against GWB.

Sheehan, in reality, has barely accomplished anything as far as a "united front" is concerned.

All the polling I have seen shows that Americans feel for her loss, but very few, feel that she is doing the right thing. She's getting louder, mainly due to the lack of press that she seems to be getting as life moves on. This book will give her a boost of a month MAX.

21 November 2005 at 22:32  

I don't think her intention ever was to create a united front. What she has done is articulate the feelings that people already had about the aggression. Thus a knock-on effect has begun in the Congress, as members are starting to oppose the Chimp. Would thta have happened without her? Yes, but it would probably have taken longer.

Don't get me wrong, I actually hope that you are correct and that America will rally to its Chimp and stay in Iraq. As things stand, this shithole of a country could leave tomorrow and some sort of victory could be claimed. I feel that it is important for America to stay until the defeat is obvious.

Thank you for the proof-reading. Alas I can't afford a pot to piss in, so no brass will be coming your way.

21 November 2005 at 23:31  

The problem with Cindy Sheehan is that, besides her impeccable credentials which has slung shit sliding off her like she wears teflon, she is simply a suburban liberal. As a liberal, she makes all the same old mistakes -- like allowing herself to be used by Democratic Party opportunists, etc.

This war is still about imperialism vs. anti-imperialism; and that isn't a fight which is going to be led and won by liberals -- but by the socialist Left. Because for one thing, this struggle is about a LOT more than capitalist warmongering overseas. We do indeed want to see the imperialist state fall apart completely. Iraqis are fighting and dying so that the next victims can get an early start ripping the U.S. military to shreds.

25 November 2005 at 07:26  

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