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08 November 2005
Chinese visit: what's the plan?
Probably by the time you read this the President of the People's Republic of China will have arrived in London so that he can sit and watch as the British government does its kow-tow routine. Do you remember the last visit six years ago? How little Tony (who does seem to just love sucking up to raw power) told the police to arrest demonstrators, confiscate their flags and drive their vans in front of protestors so that the Chinese leader would not see them and so that little Tony would not lose face? You do remember all that? Not going to let it happen a second time, are you? I thought not!

Now, little Tony has said that protestors will be free to protest. Yes, well, he also let people believe that the Iraqis had long-range missiles as well, but let's pretend to believe him. It may be that he is now so weak that he cannot stomach yet another row in the House of Commons. A more likely explanation is that the Chinese leader will be whisked carefully from place to place to avoid the protests.

Whatever the truth, let's get every bugger out waving anti-Blair posters and anti-PRC flags. Some addresses for you:

Taipei Representative Office in the UK
50 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W OEB, U.K.
Tel.: (020) 7881-2650
Fax: (020) 7259-9394

Tibet House, 1 Culworth Street
London NW8 7AF
Tel: 0044-20-7722 5378
Fax: 0044-20-7722 0362

Free Tibet Campaign 2005
28 Charles Square London N1 6HT
tel: 020 7324 4605
fax: 020 7324 4606

Now I am sure that one of those nice people at any of these offices will sell or give you a nice, new Republic of China or Tibetan flag to wave. So get waving! Blair is on his knees already: kick him in the balls by turning his moments of desired glory into pure farce.

Let's get the bugger out!

Ignorant guy.

8 November 2005 at 08:27  

"Pray explain why," said the exile. He paused only to pat the troll who couldn't even create a proper trollish sentence and had to rely on a weak one-liner, on his nice, trolly head.

8 November 2005 at 08:37  

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