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27 November 2005
Chimpism in action
(Click on the cartoon to enlarge the image.)

According to Martin Rowson, the above cartoon got quite a reaction after it was published in The Guardian on the 1st November 2004:
My jovial prophecy - that the election would be a draw, the Republicans would then cheat and that a new US civil war would break out - inspired around 400 outraged Americans to send me abusive email, most of it along the lines of "you'd be speaking German now if it wasn't for us, you limey asshole".

At this point I still thought it my duty to reply to these emails, so again I politely pointed out that if the US hadn't entered the second world war in December 1941 there would have been no D-Day and no second front, the Red Army would have swept through Nazi Germany and into western Europe and that, in fact, I'd now be speaking Russian. And, incidentally, the US would have lost the cold war in about 1958.
What can you say about the Chimp and his supporters? Where would we be without them?

Man, I laffed so hard I shit myself (or was it the thought that it's not so far off the truth?) Wish I'd seen this in `04.

But I'm still waiting for the "dirty nuke" to go off in the "Mall of the Americas" so's they have their excuse to herd me onto a cattlecar...

28 November 2005 at 20:04  

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