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10 November 2005
Casualty comparison: Vietnam & Iraq
I have been doing a bit of number crunching, as one does when one is bored shitless. In just under three years of fighting the Iraqis have managed to cull almost as many American aggressors as the Vietnamese managed in the first four and a bit years of their war.

The war against Vietnam began in December 1961, according to the Americans. Here are the figures:

1961: 16
1962: 52
1963: 118
1964: 206
1965: 1,863

Total: 2,225

At the time of writing, the American death toll in the war against Iraq comes to 2,058

In other words, just another 167 more and the Iraqis will have surpassed the run rate achieved by the incredible Vietnamese in over four years. The Iraqis could up stumps for a whole year if they wanted to!

We need to remember that the Americans have far better body armour than they did back in the 1960s and their hospital facilities have likewise improved. This makes the Iraqi performance all the more remarkable.

So the next time some warmonger comes along and tells you that the casualty figures are light, you can gleefully point out that the Iraqis are a full year ahead of the Vietnamese at this point in their respective wars.

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