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29 November 2005
Blog war
This is good sport, especially since it involves the great Sonic using some some fool as electronic toilet paper.

Basically, an American Wingnut site reproduced an essay which it said was by Christopher Hitchens. The problem is that Sonic, who seems to have read everything that Hitchens has ever written, pointed out to the site's wazzock-in-chief that the piece was actually by one Leo McKinstrey. If someone did that to me I would feel embarrassed that I had made the up fuck, but grateful that some bugger had come along and corrected it for me.

This basic courtesy does not apply as far as wingnuts are concerned, as you can see from this exchange in the comments box, over at Sonic's Hitchens Watch site.

In the meantime, our little wingnut may like to know that Mexicans do not claim that they are hijos de la chingada, and chingada does not mean rape, it means fuck. Yes, I know, some dictionaries claim it means the former, but I suspect that they are being pedantic, because in the old days both rape and sex out of wedlock were seen as synonymous. Both were an insult to the girl's family, and insults like that called for a vendetta. In Mexican culture, if you are a son of la chingada it means that you are a bastard and your mother is a whore.

It is the great insult that gets hurled at someone, just as the tables are kicked away, the bar-girls start running for cover and the pistols come out of the pockets. If any Mexican ever used it about himself he would be doing it in a self-mocking way and only within his circle of very close friends.

Staying on the theme of wingnut stupidity, quoting one of the Chimp's pretty boys as evidence that Hugo Chavez Frias has "little claim to legitimate rule" is very silly indeed. Especially when the pretty boy in question got turfed out by the Spanish electorate, and the new government has just signed a massive arms deal with Venezuela. I know that opinions are like arseholes and we all have them, but an opinion is not a fact. Likewise, saying that Chavez Frias is "wearing a little thin" in the rest of Latin-America and then quoting as evidence a Bolivian regime that is on its way out is hand-shandery of the highest order.

Wingnuts, please don't take my criticisms to much to heart. Please keep pulling your plonkers, always remembering not to spurt all over the monitor when you get to the fast wrist movements.




29 November 2005 at 21:25  

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